Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Happens when cosmic trance meets dubstep...

This Shit is heavenly... and I'm being serious.
Seriously I can't tell you just how awesome this track is because words really can't describe it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

4.75 Wobbles out of 5

Flux Pavillion - I Can't Stop

This track is amazing. Simply put, this is well put together and it has a drop that will turn your hair grey. I could easily play this in a club because the tune is pretty catchy and it would be pretty easy to dance to this. Listening to it was like being taken through a montage of awesome stuff,

5 Wobbles out of 5

Bionic Commando Rusko Remix

Has a distinct nostalgic sound to it, bringing a modern approach to old school sound. Flows extremely easily and is mastered extremely well. Everything 'fits' together and no sounds really clash at all.

4.0 wobbles out of 5.

Paul Harris - I Want You (Bar9 Remix)

This track is certainly grimey with a wonderfully rough wobble capple of shaking down the house. Has a sort of industrial feel to it. An interesting track to say the least.

4.5 Wobbles out of 5

Ghosts N Stuff - DeadMau5 (Nero Remix)

Finally I've discovered a remix of my favorite dance track in Dubstep. The vocals are phenomenal and the bass is full and rich. Not too big of a leap away from the original, it totally fits in with the original. It moves along somewhat slowly and there isn't a very powerful drop. Very Smooth and polished.